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Our range of operations offer the ultimate in action-adventure experiences. From one-day events to bespoke, globe-spanning packages, all our missions unfold among a mix of raw, exhilarating action and high-end luxury.

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Operation 001

Operation Connery

You have seen the films, read the books but now you can live the life of a British secret agent. SOA makes fiction fact as you pursue a high-value target across an international landscape. Not everything will go to plan; you’ll need to improvise.

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Operation 002

Operation Fleming

A cyber mastermind called Count Alexei has stolen a wealth of sensitive data from a group of global banks. You must destroy the data before it’s decrypted and catch the Count.

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Operation 003

Operation Ice Breaker

A luxurious introduction into the world of a secret agent as you learn close-quarter-battle techniques in this training mission with a twist.

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Operation 004

Operation Crash Hammer

A luxurious stay in Prague is not all it seems. An operative has been kidnapped and it’s your job to find them. You’ll need to gather intel from one of the kidnappers and do whatever’s necessary to get the hostage back.

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Operation 005

Operation Overload

A troublesome group is causing problems during a sensitive time in Eastern Europe. You need to catch them in the act and ensure they’re no longer a problem.

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Operation 007

Operation Wave Rider

This sensitive mission requires you to slip in and out of hostile environments without raising suspicion along the Adriatic coast. You’ll also need to abseil onto a boat from the air… sure you’re ready for this one?

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Operation 008

Operation Ambush

An undercover operative is starting the feel the heat as a group of people traffickers close in on a mole in their ranks. You need to extract them swiftly and efficiently. This isn’t just a luxurious stay in Prague, you’ve got a job to do.

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